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Seungri, K-Pop star and now former member of boy band Big Bang, announced in an Instagram post on Monday that he was retiring from music. The announcement came after the star was charged with violating South Korea's anti-prostitution laws.  

韩国组合Big Bang成员胜利,在被曝向其外国投资者提供性招待丑闻并接受案件调查后,于周一在其社交媒体账号Instagram宣布将退出娱乐圈。

截图 via Seungriseyo/Instagram

Formed in 2006 by South Korean talent agency YG Entertainment, the five-member Big Bang has been wildly popular in and out of South Korea. 

Big Bang是YG娱乐于2006年推出的韩国娱乐圈的顶尖偶像团体,在世界范围内都有着很大的影响力。

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“I’ve decided to retire as the case that sparked this controversy has become too big,” he wrote in the post. He continued, saying that he had been criticized by the public for the past month and a half and currently is under national-level investigation. Denying the charges against him, the star thanked his fans, both in and outside South Korea, who have supported him over the past decade.

他在Instagram中写道,“由于引起的社会争议太多,我决定退出娱乐圈。”他还写道,在过去的一个半月里, 自己受到了不少公众指责,现在还在接受韩国国内检察机关的调查。在否认指控的同时,胜利对全球粉丝在过去十多年给自己的支持表示了深深的感谢。

The star noted that he has been denounced as if he was a traitor to his country, and did not want others close to him to suffer because of the scandal. "For the sake and honor of Big Bang and YG [Entertainment], my career is ending here. I apologize to all of you again," he concluded.  

胜利称自己被谴责为“国民罪人”, 他不愿给周围的人也带来损失。“为了YG和Big Bang的名誉,我觉得我应该到此为止。再次向大家道歉。”

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The 28-year-old singer, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, allegedly directed staff at the Burning Sun, his luxury private nightclub, to provide sexual services to potential foreign investors. He was first declared a suspect after a group chat dating back to 2015, in which he appears to talk about sexual services, was exposed. 

胜利本名李胜贤(李昇炫),今年28岁。其副业之一是运营豪华私人夜总会Burning Sun。据称他指挥夜总会工作人员为外国投资者提供性服务。根据已曝光的群聊记录显示,2015年胜利就已经在讨论性服务了。他的身份也由此从被调查者转为案件嫌疑人。

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Some fans remained loyal to the singer and the band. According to Bloomberg, under the Twitter hashtag #SeungriDeservesBetter, one user wrote: "We call on the real fans' voice, do not fall into the shameless trap, we support Seungri!" Over on China's Sina Weibo, some of the singer's Chinese fans used a similar hashtag, #NobelSeungri, to voice their support for the star, saying they did not believe the accusations and that the singer had nothing to hide.  

一部分粉丝拒绝相信他们崇拜的Oppa会做出这样的事情,积极发推特为他洗白。根据彭博社报道,在#胜利值得拥有更好 的话题下,有粉丝写道“我们呼吁真爱粉为胜利发声,不要掉入这无耻的陷阱,我们支持胜利!”在新浪微博上,也同样有着一批粉丝,做着相同的努力。他们认为这些指控都是无端的,自己的偶像没有什么可遮遮掩掩的。


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Other fans criticized the singer for taking advantage of the group’s fame to promote his business. Angered by the sex scandal, some Big Bang fans released a statement urging YG Entertainment to kick Seungri out of the band. 

另一部分粉丝则为胜利频出的丑闻感到愤怒,谴责他利用团队的名气,为自己谋生意。他们发表声明,要求将胜利踢出Big Bang。

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The singer's retirement announcement immediately sparked heated online discussion in China. Some Sina Weibo users ridiculed the naivety of the singer's loyal fans, suggesting that the singer was guilty and this was the reason he retired. It also seems that a majority of the non-fan population of Sina Weibo users are not willing to tolerate Seungri's alleged misconduct and his fans' defense of him. 


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Mostly, the band’s fans were disappointed to see the band being taken down by a series of scandals and feared that it would never be the same again.

大部分粉丝则对Big Bang接连不断的负面新闻表示失望,他们怕Big Bang再也不会重返从前的辉煌。

G-Dragon, the band leader, began his military service in  February 2018 and so will not be discharged until October. Many of the band's fans have been eagerly awaiting his return so that they could see the entire band perform again, but now it seems that may never happen due to Seungri's retirement. 


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#TheLastPerformancebyFiveMembersofBigBang rapidly rose to through the trending charts on Sina Weibo. By midnight on Monday, the total number of posts with the hashtag had reached 36,000.

#Big Bang最后一场五人演唱会也迅速成为微博热搜,周一夜间,该话题的相关帖子就达到了3.6万条。(截止发稿时已达4.6万条)

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No matter what side netizens were on, all agreed that his retirement from music marked the end of an era for the band. 

不管是胜利的支持者还是反对者都认为,胜利的退出大概对Big Bang以及其粉丝而言,可能意味着,这个曾经红遍亚洲甚至是全世界的男团即将面临瓦解。

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“The band will never be complete again. The good times of my youth will only ever be a memory,” commented one netizen. 

正如一位网友写道,“Big Bang再也不会完整了。青春美好的回忆大概只能永远留在青春里了。”