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国庆节已经过去一大半啦,朋友圈里的跨国摄影大赛进行的怎么样了? 宅在家的主页君一点也(te)不(bie)嫉(xian)妒(mu)出去玩的小伙伴,真的!





而美国一位肖像摄影师Trevor Christensen做了一个大胆的尝试:把自己脱光光,记录下来被拍摄对象的反应。

(图片Via Bored Panda)

他为这个系列取名为Nude Portraits (“裸体肖像”)


Bored Panda最近分享了一些这个系列的照片:


(图片Via Bored Panda)


"My thinking was that I’m a person who is comfortable taking photos, helping a subject feel comfortable having their photo be taken. What if I became a photographer who was uncomfortable taking photos, who was photographing a subject who was similarly uncomfortable?" Christensen told Bored Panda, stating that he wanted to explore how his fear would change his ability to make a portrait. In short Nude Portraits was a big experiment for the photographer.

“我的想法是,我本来是一个在拍照的时候要让自己觉得舒服的摄影师,同时也要帮助被拍摄对象在拍摄时放松下来。但如果我自己在拍照的时候变紧张,而被拍摄对象也同样很紧张,那会是什么效果?”Christensen告诉Bored Panda,他想要去探索他内心的恐惧能够如何改变他拍摄肖像的能力。简言之,这组“裸体肖像”作品就是摄影师一次重要的尝试。

For this artist, taking the road less traveled has always been his way. Christensen took his first photo class freshman year of high school and it quickly became a serious part of his life. The Utah native dropped out to pursue his passion and his talent led him to be published in outlets such as The Salt Lake Tribune, USA Today, the BBC and The Washington Post.


Despite being a highly experienced photographer, he admits that the first naked shoots were terrifying. "Even with people I knew, it was stressful and strange to carry on a conversation and direct a portrait shoot while I was nude. I did about 50 shoots for the series and never really enjoyed them," said Christensen. As time went on he noticed a shift in the experience:

"As I got used to the process I wasn’t as intimidated by the experience as I was in the beginning. I also noticed subjects didn’t seem to react as strongly to my nudity either. What I realized is that when you’re taking a persons photo, they’re looking to you to know how to feel. So as you become more confident and collected, they’ll be the same way. They’re feeding off your energy."


Christensen has received mostly positive reactions to the series, saying it has spurred conversations on bodies, how we process nudity and vulnerability. 


(Via Bored Panda)



Olivia, 28, acquaintance, opera masters student; Makenzie, 28, acquaintance, opera masters student;Chole, 11 months old, acquaintance, cat

Olivia, 28岁,熟人,硕士生,歌剧专业;Makenzie,28岁,熟人,硕士生,歌剧专业;Chole,11个月,熟人,猫


Members of the band Fictionist



Hillary, 24, friend, student

Hillary, 24岁,朋友,学生


Jordan, 24, friend, quality assurance

Jordan, 24岁, 朋友, 从事质量控制


Susie, 22, photographed in her bedroom at her Koreatown, LA apartment

Susie, 22岁, 摄于她位于洛杉矶的公寓卧室


Madelyne, 25, elementary school friend, executive assistant

Madelyne, 25岁, 小学时期的朋友, 职业:行政助理


Austin, 27, girlfriend at the time, middle school teacher, photographed at her home in Provo, Utah

Austin, 27岁, 时任女友, 中学老师, 摄于她位于犹他州的家里


Jay, 27, drummer, photographed at his home

Jay, 27岁, 鼓手, 摄于他家


Victoria and her younger sister Hannah, shot in Provo, Utah

Victoria和她的妹妹Hannah, 摄于犹他州


Anchor Chris Miller didn't realize what he was getting into when he called to interview me for 'Nude Portraits'. Here's my favorite from our impromptu session, shot at their main studio in Salt Lake City

(电视台)主持人Chris Miller就“Nude Protraits”系列采访我时,还不知道自己要面临什么。这是即兴部分里我最喜欢的一张,摄于他们在盐湖城的摄影棚


Jason, 24, friend, roofer

Jason, 24岁,朋友, 从事屋顶建筑


Kendall, 44, contacted me through my website, subject of a documentary that explores what it means to be LGBT and Mormon, Photographed at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah

Kendall, 44岁, 通过我的网站联系到我拍摄,是一部关于LGBT和摩门教的纪录片的受访对象,摄于他在犹他州盐湖城的家


Sitwat, 30, wedding photographer in Karachi, Pakistan. Shot in California

Sitwat, 30岁, 巴基斯坦婚礼摄影师,摄于加利福尼亚


Karla, photographed in New Mexico

Karla, 摄于新墨西哥州


Karen, 20, cam model,Photographed at her home in Salt Lake City

Karen, 20岁, 模特,摄于她位于盐湖城的家


Bruce, 26, graduate student, friend since 2nd grade. Shot at my home in Orem, Utah.

Bruce, 26岁, 大学毕业生, 自二年级起的朋友,摄于他在犹他州的家


Jamie, florist, photographed in Salt Lake City

Jamie, 花匠, 摄于盐湖城


Ed at his home in LA.

Ed, 摄于他在洛杉矶的家


Kendall, 44, documentary producer. Photographed at his house in Salt Lake

Kendall, 44岁, 纪录片制作人,摄于他在盐湖城的家


Chris & Natalie, 28 and 27, photographed at Natalie's studio in Los Angeles, California.

Chris & Natalie, 分别28岁和27岁, 摄于Natalia在洛杉矶的工作室



@Whawhawhatsis:The men all seem to laugh! The women have all kinds of reactions, but the laughter seems pretty universal amongst the men. I guess it makes them extra-uncomfortable. I approve!


@Elizabeth: It was interesting to look through, I think these photos might have gotten a chance to see more emotion in the subjects. Some people were certainly chill about the nudity but others really reacted to it. Interesting photo-graphical experiment.

@Elizabeth: 蛮有意思的,我觉得这些照片能够显示出被拍摄对象更多的情绪。有些人看到裸体很淡定,但有的人的确会有不同的反应,非常有趣的拍摄实验。

@The Girl on Fire: The only thing I was thinking during this was "Did the people know signing up for this photoshoot that he would get naked?" Because otherwise that's a really gross thing to do to unexpecting people.

@The Girl on Fire: 我只想知道:“参加拍摄的人事先是不是知道拍照的时候摄影师会不穿衣服?” 如果不是的话,这种出人意料的行为还蛮恶心的。

@SpaceBunny : Right? I don't understand how such a thing should make me feel more comfortable. It would surely not. I would feel more awkward than I normally do in front of camera. I would probably walk away.

@SpaceBunny : 我搞不懂这种方式怎么能让人觉得放松的,当然不可能。我会比正常情况下面对镜头更尴尬,说不定会直接走开。

@Apollo: I don't think the intentions of this guy were wrong (he clearly thought it was an artistic experiment) but if it would happen to me I would kick him out, naked and all. (and then secretly make a photo and send it to my friends to have a good laugh about it)

@Apollo: 我觉得这个人的意图不是坏的(他很清楚地知道这是一项艺术实验)。但是,如果是发生在我身上,我可能会把他踢出去,裸着来裸着走。(然后偷偷拍个照片发给朋友乐呵一下)

@Pam Falcioni:So, let me get this straight, he sets up photography sessions with female acquaintances in their own homes and then "surprises" them by getting naked? I can't imagine why none of these people didn't "surprise" him with an assault charge.

@Pam Falcioni: 所以,他为女性朋友在她们各自的家里拍照片,然后裸体相见, 给她们一个“惊喜”?我无法想象为什么这些人不起诉他。